Jess Middleton is a full time, freelance photographer specialising in music, fashion and commercial industries. From initially shooting music events, Jess’ career has grown from her studies, passion and experience.  

Mentored by some of Melbournes’ most established photographers, she has  forged her own path in the industry and has worked internationally, touring with EDM superstars NERVO and shooting advertising campaigns for well known brands such as Toms.

Jess continues to attract commercial clients and enjoys working on an agency level, to create imagery for campaigns and projects. Her goal is to continue shooting at this level and work closely with brands to create memorable imagery.





Jess is known for her relaxed shooting style, ability to art direct a shoot and create strong images for marketing.

Her background in film production has given her an eye for storytelling, which she translates to her photography work today.   

Jess is Melbourne based and happy to travel.